Saturday, July 12, 2008

I Wonder As I Wander

I'm a big advocate of life-long learning and I'm thankful that I've learned so many things over the years. I look forward to continue learning as I grow and evolve. However I have come across things that I just don't get. Here's a list of a few.

*Stupid Book Jackets-That say nothing about the content of the book. Like I'm going to take it home based on some newspaper saying "Amazing tour de force by literary luminary John Doe!!!"

*Cover Charges (for clubs)- It's been explained to me that this was to make up for those who don't buy alcohol. Okay fine. Charge the price of two drinks and give drink tickets in return at the door. But to pay twenty bucks just for the privilege of getting in and then drinks on top of that? Don't get that!

*Baggy Pants- If you have to walk up the subway stairs clutching your pants with one hand to hold them up chances are they are TOO BIG. Invest in a belt or buy pants that fit you!

*TTC Monthly Metro Pass- Instead of spending thousands of dollars to produce a new and unique plastic card every month, why not just have ONE?? The transit rider can just recharge it monthly at an automated system that accepts debit and credit. The end. Less work for TTC employees, less line-ups, better all around. Better yet, switch to the "pay as you go" system that Seoul transit has!

*Mother and Father's Day- I liked that in Korea they just had Parents' Day and called it good! You can honour them individually on their birthdays people! Sooo unnecessary!

*Airline Industry- I don't get this at all! How can the SAME EXACT FLIGHT to the SAME destination cost $69 on one airline and over $200 on another. And by tomorrow, it's all changed! Is it like the stock market? Or like meterology? Astrology? Help me out here!

*Oil Industry- When we have domestic oil in Kansas and in many other states, why are we paying $3/gallon to schelp gas over from the Middle East? In Canada, they have their own gas as well. Give people jobs here at home instead of Saudi Arabia. I have an idea they'll manage without our business....

*Marriage Initiatives- Basic civil rights are not limited commodities. How can one couple getting married after a fifty year relationship "threaten" the marriage of anyone else? Did giving women the right to vote "threaten" the voting rights of men? Interracial marriage? And yet whole denominations are splitting over this non-issue.

*Mosquitoes and chiggers- If these critters were removed from the planet, would the food chain be affected at all? What's the point here? Cockroaches, I get. They at least serve a purpose!

*Circumcision- Male and female both. Why would one cut part of a sex organ off for religious or asthetic reasons? The hygenic reason falls flat when one takes into consideration that people shower daily these days....

*Plastic bags-When stores give a plastic bag for ONE ITEM. What's the point? At least ask me first. Once I declined a bag and the lady MADE ME TAKE ONE ANYWAY!

*Litterbugs- People who just drop trash on the ground or floor. I was taking our garbage to the garbage chute just today and someone had dropped an empty packet of gum by the elevators. I don't get it! Is this a special skill (to pick up after one's self) or they just can't be bothered?

*Dirty toilet seats- At the risk of being a traitor to my gender, what's the deal here? Raise the seat. Pee. Lower the seat. Leaving urine all over the seat for the next schmuck to wipe off is just rude! Manners guys! They're free!

Okay so that's the end of my little rants. What are some of yours?