Sunday, September 21, 2008

Dancin' In the Rain?

I received an email this morning that expressed surprise at my lack of hostility over recent events. Aren't you angry? How can you still be so accommodating after all of this has happened? I've actually had quite a few people say the same thing to me and I thought this would be a good space to address these questions.

The message today at my church was totally in accordance with my life philosophy based on what I've learned and what I truly believe. The quality of our life is not determined by how we live but how we handle the endings in our life. It's not how we weather the storm but rather learning how to dance in the rain.

The pastor today shared a cartoon of a boy who was nailing up a sign to a tree that said "LOST: pet catepillar" while a butterfly tellingly flew past him. I love attending funerals where the focus is not on the loss of life but a celebration and thanksgiving for the time we had with that person and the life well-led. So inspiring. So many times we immerse ourselves so much in mourning something we have lost, we miss appreciating the beauty of change.

The Bible supports this viewpoint in the parable of the two sons. If this text is read with a fundamental, literal interpretation, one sadly misses the beautiful metaphor that Jesus actually was intending to teach with. Clearly, one of the messages here is that God celebrates the transitions in our lives. I personally believe we should do the same as well.

To clarify, I don't believe in a "Pollyanna" outlook in life. There is great value in recognizing the challenges we face, in other words,"calling a spade a spade." But in identifying, let us be careful we are not identified BY them. These external things are influencers, not determiners.

So while this may very well be the end of the world as I know it, I (choose to) feel fine! Hugs to you all for your continued support and encouragement. I hope I have and will do the same!