Tuesday, April 09, 2013


This Saturday I've been invited to go to an "M-themed" party. Which basically means everyone will dress up (supposedly) as something beginning with the letter "M." I've come up with some ideas. MAYBE you have some as well?

1) Mormon- easy to dress as, a bit homoerotic, not much guilt over MOCKing a religion after they spent MILLIONS to support Prop 8 in California. Would have to shave off beard and/or MUSTACHE.
2) Muslim- yeah no. I think I have a gallabeya somewhere but this just feels wrong. Playing into stereotypes.
3) Military- I did this once for Halloween. Possible. I'd have to shave or at least have a goatee.
4) Madonna- Meh. Cone bra and blonde wig. Not that appealing to me at the MOMENT.
5) M&Ms- I like that this would include my partner in crime but the costumes might be problematic.
6) Minister- hm. MAYBE.
7) Muppet! - But how? And which one? Cookie MONSTER?
8) Mystery! - maybe a detective or something. MISS MARPLE?
9) Map?- I was thinking of a white shirt and pants with the world map on it somehow. "You are Here!" Arrow. Give people a chance to MARK where they are from. I'm not great at drawing though...

So those are my MUSINGS. What are yours?