Monday, August 25, 2008

Time Makes You Bolder

As many of you know, Danifesto is observing two milestones this year. One landmark is turning 35, halfway to the big 4-0! The other relates to the relationship I've had with the person I met six years ago in Korea. Both anniversaries offered a valuable opportunity to reassess and take stock. After discussion with my partner, we have, with both regret and respect, decided to part ways.
The discussion started out with observations I made that led me to come to the same conclusion Miranda did in Sex and the City: "He's just not that into you." When this was confirmed, the discussion ended with something very similar to what Carrie said to Alexandr at the end of the series:
"I'm looking for love. Real love. Ridiculous, inconvenient, consuming, can't-live-without-each-other love. And I don't think that love is here in this expensive suite in this lovely hotel in Paris."

There's more to say of course but there's really nothing more boring that hearing someone rehash everything that went wrong in mind-numbing detail. Rather I think I'll just close with the following. From Dreamgirls of course, what else?

We didn't make forever.
We each got to go our separate way,
And now we're standing here, helpless,
Looking for something to say.
We've been together a long time.
We never thought it would end.
We were always so close to each other;
You were always my friend.
And it's hard to say good-bye, my love.
Hard to see you cry, my love.
Hard to open up that door.
You're not sure what you're going for.
We didn't want this to happen,
But we shouldn't feel sad.
We had a good life together.
Just remember,
all the times we had.
You know I'll always love you
You know I always care
But no matter how far I may go
In my heart
You'll always be there
And it's hard to say good-bye, my love.
Hard to see you cry, my love.
Hard to open up that door.
When you're not sure what you're going for.
But we've gotta grow,
We've gotta try,
Though it's hard, so hard
We have to say good-bye
Though it's hard, so hard
We have to say good-bye
We didn't make forever.
But I will always love you.


Jolie said...

I'm so happy you are not settling for a mediocre life. You deserve more. Does it feel more real/concrete now that it's in print on your blog?

My thoughts are always with you.
Love you!

Alison (in Korea) said...

Well it sure is the end of an era and an exciting new start at the young age of 35yrs!! It took me a hell of a long time to finally get over my ex and realizing i indeed deserved to be cherished and adored and loved inconveniently. It wasn't until I let my ex go that exactly what I had always wanted walked into my life and proposed. There is a light at the end of this tunnel and you are right's not only about finding 'him' but rather, finding yourself and your worth and all the good things we grow with through hardships. I predict that this will be one fantastic year for you! Love you tons,

greenbeanbanshee said...

Dude, you are preaching to the choir. We really need to get together soon for some stiff drinks.

Mediocre is bad.