Tuesday, August 08, 2006

Raindrops on Roses

In August 1965, two events happened that were important to me. The more important event was the marriage of my parents at the First Baptist Church in Twin Falls, Idaho. Their relationship has been the model of the kind of partnership that I strive to have. My brother and I annually honor this important family event.

The second event of 1965 was the debut of a family favorite, "The Sound of Music." I remember watching this musical many times at my grandmother's kitchen table in El Dorado, Kansas. I learned to sing and play the songs from the Sheet Music magazine. I always thought of our family as the Kansas version of the Von Trapps as we often sang together as a family.

In honour of both events, here is a list of..

MY Favourite Things!

*steam billowing out the window after a great shower.

*cream bubbling up in my coffee after I've just poured it.

*singing Carpenter songs in the car with my boyfriend.

*shaking the blanket so that it perfectly covers the bed.

*walking up to the platform exactly as the subway pulls up.

*closing the novel I've just finished and then sitting and staying in the story for a bit longer!

*finding an unexpected Kleenex when I desperately need one.

*the moment my muscle finally unknots during a great massage.

*the exact moment of waking clarity during my morning shower.

*and finally opening my passport (back after weeks of FedEx limbo!) to find that permanent resident visa that I've worked 2 years to receive! Yay!

So enough about me! What are your favourite things?


Anonymous said...

Good Post Dan ... has got me thinking ...
My favourite things ...
Chocolate ... chocolate ... ummmm ... chocolate :)

Wide open NZ skies and cloud scapes with no pollution...

the sound of rain on the roof

lying in bed with a great book on a miserable day with nowhere to go and nothing to do!

Ripping the front off Mum's piano and playing with the raw naked sound.

Making great music with others ...

Walks on my home town beach in NZ with my brothers black lab - Tahi.

Eating lemon gelato on the balconey of Il Nido in Sorrento, Italy

People who are honest and "real".

A great debate.

That feeling AFTER a run ... never like the before and during ...

Being on the water in a kayak ...

Thanks for reminding me


connie said...

Some of your favorite things were also mine, but a few more that I thought of:
- Sipping a cup of homemade steaming hot cocoa
- The aroma in the kitchen just after taking baked goods out of the oven
- Taking a Sunday afternoon nap
- Relaxing at the coast watching the ocean waves roll onto the beach
- Cuddling my grandchildren
- Riding around with my husband in his old pickup checking on the fields of corn and onions
- Taking a nice long bubble bath when I have a headache
- Finding a parking place right in front of the store
- Playing rock and roll music when I'm working in the kitchen
- Getting a bouquet of flowers
- Hugs

Record Store Geek said...

* A weekend drive on a country road.
* Watching and listening to water - river rapids, water falls or ocean waves.
* That THX sound.
* The click a new CD makes when you snap it out of the case for the first time.
* The Portland skyline at night.
* The purring of a cat.
* Standing in the shower thinking.

Kethryvis said...

Congrats on the passports!!! Looks like you and I will be hitting Da East Coast about the same time! Scary! But Exciting!

Check my LJ soon for my favourite things :)

John A. Johnson said...

Favorite thing in Seoul: Sitting down drinking a beer with my bud Dan.