Tuesday, November 07, 2006



This will be the first time I've posted a video on my blog. My philosophy has been to value the written word above an image. But this deeply moved me and I'm making a rare exception in honour of Election Day. I hope everyone in the States who was able to vote today, did. (I voted by absentee ballot.)

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abogado-david said...

Love it, Love it, Love it. Writing now for the first time after the election, I have to say that I look at our flag now with a new sense of hope and belief in America which I have not felt since after 9/11. While the video highlights much of the darkness that we have been living in for the last several years--the sense of dread that we will always be at war, that the promise of the Constitution were getting more hollow every day, that America was losing its moral credibility that might take a lifetime to restore--the video and the music gives a sense of hope which is appropriate for this week. This election validates democracy in America. Democracy DOES work--at some point, no amount of spinning or news manipulation can keep Americans from seeing the truth and voting for change when change is needed. Now, if we can work together across party lines, we have a chance to pave a different and better future for our nation and hopefully for the world.