Saturday, March 17, 2007

A Working Class Hero (It's Something to Be)

An announcement: there will be a slight change at Danifesto. You know all those frequent posts filled with interesting tidbits and clever asides? I'll do my best to maintain this site but I want to warn you now that it's probably going to get sporatic from time to time. The era of my footloose and fancy freedom has drawn to a close. We all knew it was too good to last. Yes, I can now confirm the crazy rumours and wild speculation.

Danifesto is now employed full-time.

This past week I had three interviews and one asked me back to do some trial classes on Thursday. That enjoyable experience turned into an invitation to join the faculty of the Canadian College of Business and English as an English as a Second Language (ESL) teacher for international faculty.

I find it highly ironic that my hiring was due in part to taking that crummy hagwon (private language institute) job in Seoul last year. While marking time waiting for our Canadian immigration to be processed, I was able to have the ESL teaching experience to back up the ESL graduate classes that I took from Wichita State University before leaving Kansas!

So this week I start a new teaching job. I welcome all the changes that will inevitably cause me stress. And I bid a fond farewell to hours of leisure spent drinking coffee, reading the newspapers, chatting online with my friends and family, reading news blogs, writing blog comments, watching the occassional DVD, meeting up for spontaeous afternoon coffees and getting lost in a book. I will miss the perpetually clean apartment but look forward to making new friends and growing as a professional. While this is an hourly gig, it's my hope that I'll get a contract elementary school position this fall that will not only pay more, but offer benefits and greater job security.


Threnody said...

Welcome back to the real world! It sucks sometimes, but it's nice to be able to pay the bills.

sassiekiwi said...

Well now! Congratulations Dan. Back in the land of the working class. its a tough life but someone has to do it ... I laughed as I read your comment about the Hagwon job. I love looking back and seeing how nothing is wasted in God's economy. See ... it was all a set up! Good for you


Lance Noe said...

YAHOO!!!!!!! GO YOU!!!!!!!!!

Record Store Geek said...

Congrats on the new gig! I hope it doesn't eat up too much of your time. I'm not sure I'd survive without your witticisms.

Kethryvis said...

Congrats dude :) Work... I remember what that was like... well, I work hard now but I'm paying for the priveledge. Getting paid for work is a beautiful thing :) Yay!

Jolie said...

While I'm very happy that you are back in the trenches with the rest of us heroes, I'm very sad that I've lost my chatting partner. It's been so great these past couple of months to be able to chat with you several times a day. I knew it wouldn't last, but I was hoping you would be unemployed a bit longer.

As for the 'frequent' posts filled with interesting tidbits and clever asides, your large fan base collectively cried at this sad statement. While you were never very funny, at least you were trying. :) Seriously, your groupies will wait with baited breathe for you next post filled with insight and humor. We miss you already.


connie said...

As one who re-entered the workforce after retiring last year (well at least I entered the part-time workforce), there are days when I wonder why I did it (oh yeah, I wanted more money). Getting up before dawn to prepare to go to work is not for the faint of heart....seriously, congratulations, Dan. I hope this gig leads to your dream job.

Jay Price said...

At least you'll be adding to your portfolio of expertise. Who knows, perhaps being a translator between cultures is in your future!