Tuesday, June 07, 2005

Farewell to the Land of Morning Calm

In the tradition of Letterman's Top Ten List- note how I found more to love than to hate!

Things I WILL miss about Korea: (in no particular order)
1. Catchy K-pop music in the streets
2. Norebang (private karaoke rooms)
3. Poodles with dyed colored ears!
4. Plethora of neon signs
5. Color-changing bull's eye targets in bathroom urinals, "etiquette" buttons in the stalls.
6. Fun underwear stores
7. Cheap Korean liquor (soju, sansechun, baeksayju)
8. no comercials in the middle of the TV shows
9. quirky tea and coffee shops
10. FREE delivery! Dry cleaning, water, groceries, furniture, even coffee-amazing!
11. Great service even without the incentive of tips (tipping is not a custom here)
12. The dancing girls for business openings with matching outfits, kickin' it under a balloon arch!
13. The Han River in Seoul- with the bridges, lights, boats and the fountain. ahhh!

Things I WON'T miss about Korea:
1. Hawking (spitting loogees) in the street
2. Super spicy or bizarre food that do bad things to my system
3. TV that's way behind the current season (in the US)
4. Smelly drunk adjushis (old men)
5. Only three kinds of paper bills (1,000 5,000 and 10,000 bills)
6. Difficulty in phoning back home (time zones, bad connections, stupid phone cards)


Jenny from da Block said...

13) Tuesday morning coffee chats to start the day off right!

Anonymous said...

Hey, I was especially a fan of the reusable delivery (did you get that??) and then they would pick up your used dishes!! Way better than throwing it away.

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