Monday, June 06, 2005

Shoo-Fly Don't Bother Me

Since moving to Korea four years ago, I have signed up to get the New York Times delivered to my email box daily. It's free (I'm a big fan of free) and it's really kept me in the loop with what's going on in the US. Last week I read with interest a recent article (linked above to MSN) about fruit flies. Without going into specifics, the experiment leads one to believe genetics plays a big part in our sexual orientation. My first response was "well DUH" and I flipped on to the next article. Coming back to my apartment on the bus today I started to realize the full implications.

First of all, there's the Church. If it can be proved (and a growing body of scientific evidence supports this), then the Church has no argument to stand on. Gay people are creations of God as much as the rest of us with glasses, double-joints, dominant left-hands, premature balding, red-hair or color-blindedness. None of these things are "bad" so to speak and who would think of making a moral judgment based on having these traits? Just one thing about you that makes you slightly different than the rest. However if the Church admits they were actually WRONG about their rejection of homosexuality being God-given, this would lead one to wonder if they are as infallible as they would have us believe. In otherwords, don't hold your breath!

Secondly, if all it took to change a fly is changing one gene, how far are we from a cure for homosexuality in humans? Many years back, I got involved in a fun conversation topic-"If there was a cure-all pill, would you take it?" To be honest, I said "yes" emphatically and immediately. My life was confusing and complicated. I wanted desperately to fit in, no matter what the cost or who I hurt. Now however I'd like to think my answer has matured. What would be the point in changing what God has predetermined? To make family/friends/society more comfortable around me? To make me a "better" person? And what about my relationship of 3-years? How often does someone find an amazing person who loves you, warts and all? (Sidebar: I've always thought the ultimate metaphor for God is love, be it romantic,brotherly, filial.)

The fact of the matter is, I guess I'm pretty resigned to being gay by this point. In fact the Bible commands us to give thanks and praise to God for all things. And I honestly don't know who I would be if I had a surgery and woke up the next day straight. Would I still be me? How much is this part of my identity now?

I feel like it would be something akin to having all memories of Kansas removed from my brain and waking up the next day from California. Or nowhere in particular. I would be less somehow if I wasn't from Kansas. That's what makes me, me!
So that brings me back full circle to when I first read this pesky fruit fly article.
"Well DUH" -and Next!

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