Friday, April 06, 2007

Danifesto: Back to the Future

Herein will lie the depths of my wit and genius that I share with the world (or at least the few that care to read these ramblings). I must say it does seem a little self-centered, these blogs. However I'm hoping it will be a nice way for me to say/tell my little stories to friends and family w/o having to type them in an email over and over, or worse still, a MASS EMAIL. So I'm willing to spend a bit of extra energy to hopefully save time and effort in the long run. (taken from Genesis- the Danifesto debut, April 7,2005)

My brother gave me a really thoughtful birthday gift last time I went home! He had painstakingly formatted the first year (and a half) of Danifesto and printed them ALL out with different fonts and a table of contents to boot! Then he went to Kinko's and got them to put them in a little book for me! He decided to end the book when I left Korea (for the second and last time) in order to move to Canada (for good).

Reading over all my trials, tribulations and deep thoughts in between, a couple of things quickly became apparent to me. First of all, my posts have evolved drastically in terms of style and content. In the beginning, I posted the articles and words of others and while this still occurs from time to time, more frequently I have found my own unique voice and have been more confident in using it!

Secondly, the number of supportive and insightful comments from friends and family has slowly increased and taken on a greater role in my blog. I have become more aware of my audience and I think, for better or worse, my writing style demonstrates this. As I've said before, I'm grateful for the blessing of your support!

And finally, my layout has always been the same! So in celebration of the second blog birthday of Danifesto, I'm toying with some possible changes. Stay tuned!


Lance Noe said...

"Don't go changin', try to please me!"

sassiekiwi said...

What a great idea David had. I think that is just an awesome gift! ... I love your blog Dan and I particularly like reading the comments people add as well. I look forward to the more to come!

sassiekiwi said...

What a great idea David had. An excellent present! I love your blog Dan ... something I check most days and I am always excited when there is a new post. I look forward to the "more to come" ...