Friday, February 13, 2009

Spread Your Wings and Prepare to Fly

In a movie I just watched called “Happy Go Lucky,” there was a scene (seen here in the trailer) where the sister of the main character charged her with not taking life “seriously enough.” The main character protested, saying she had an amazing life and really felt lucky that she had it. She was enjoying and treasuring every minute of it. The sister responded by referencing the future and how one had to prepare for it. A classic Mary/Martha scenario.

What occurred to me here is that the first sister was exhibiting fear and timidity. And the whole point of Jesus spending time on Earth was not just to give us life, but a life more abundant. (John 10:10 "I have come that they may have life, and have it abundantly.") So many of us are not living an abundant life but live in fear of the future. I really don’t believe that is what God intended for us when we were created.

About this time last year I asked myself, what patterns need to change in me to have this abundant life? This question caused a powerful but painful transformation. What gave me inspiration was the butterfly.

Inside the caterpillar there already exists the DNA to transform into a butterfly. God put it there- it was part of the design. Much like Dorothy’s ruby red slippers, the caterpillar has the power all along. The same could be said for us. God has instilled in us the power to live life more abundantly. Jesus came to show us how to do that.

Have you ever watched a butterfly emerge from its cocoon? It takes a really long time. And it isn’t easy. And if you try to help the butterfly along by removing the cocoon yourself, it actually cripples it. The painful struggle actually exercises muscles allowing the butterfly to spread its wings and fly. No one can do this for him.

What we can learn here is that it takes time to transform. We need to grieve our loss. We will struggle and probably have difficulties, make mistakes, get messy. No one can do this for us though, it’s our responsibility.

The silver lining is that transformation does occur and we will be able to soar to new heights, seeing and experiencing things we never imagined or thought possible before.

I’ve had people often tell me how strong or lucky I am. Truth be told I’m not. God gave me this potential from the very moment I was created. And He put this same potential in you as well. I’ve seen this ability to transform in so many of my friends and it is truly inspiring to me. You will be shocked and amazed at what you are able to do when you choose to live your life abundantly!

*Thanks to Reverend Brent Hawkes for inspiring me with a recent sermon on the topic of butterflies!

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