Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Cuz Ya Gotta Have Faith

Recently, while job-hunting I was amused to discover that one school, in lieu of a philosophy of education, wanted me to submit a statement of faith. Intrigued and always up for a writing challenge, here's what I came up with. Keep in mind, this is the cummulation of years on this (somewhat) green Earth so it may evolve in the future. I'm okay with that.

Danifesto's Statement of Faith

I believe in a personal relationship with Jesus Christ.

I believe we are compelled to extend the grace, tolerance, and love Christ showed us to others around us. This attitude is our most important and effective witness to the hurting world. I see myself as a bridge between the world and the kingdom of heaven.

I believe in the omnipresence, omnipotence and omniscience of God. Each of us has been miraculously and uniquely created. This has helped me personally in my journey in life and walk with Christ.

I believe in not only literally in the stories of the Bible but also the lessons we can learn from them. In the tradition of American Baptists, I have a thorough approach to the teachings of the Bible, taking into account the context of the time, the author’s intent and the inspiration of the Holy Spirit. I honour and respect other traditions and interpretations that reflect the love of God.

I believe hurting people is counter to God’s love. I am a registered conscientious objector with the US Government and a past member of Amnesty International.

I believe I would not have the faith I have were it not for my father, an American Baptist minister and now hospice chaplain as well as the tradition of my grandfather and namesake, a missionary to the Navajo, Hopi and Comanche people.

I believe God has given us talents and gifts that are meant to be used to help others and change the world for better.

I have been previously a member of American Baptist churches in Beloit, Ottawa and Sedwick, Kansas. Currently I am a member of Metropolitan Community Church of Toronto and am active in the Children’s Ministry.

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Jolie said...

I think it's so interesting that a school (even a Christian school) would ask you for your statement of faith. I think it would take me months to put something together. Your list is very it should be. Of course it will evolve. Just think about how much you have evolved over the years. :)