Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Welcome Back

So Danifesto has been away from blogging for awhile. But inside his head, he's been writing and ruminating on all sorts of things. Hopefully now is the time to get back to this!

I want to first thank all those who wrote in and asked "WHAT'S GOING ON? WHERE DID YOU GO?"

Good questions! There are a number of reasons I stopped posting. One is that I didn't have anything to say. Another is that Facebook and emails used up all my sparetime.

More significantly in March my "dating around" phase came to a close and I started another relationship. This took up a lot of time and I was barely home, much less able to sit and type things out. There were also numerous parties and get-togethers, a stressful move (his, not mine thank goodness!), a fund-raiser for the 519 Community Centre, book clubs meetings, dance classes (salsa and swing) and a movie festival (which I will blog about!).

I also enjoyed traveling to Oregon to see my family and a really great wedding! That was so great!

Most recently, the language school I was teaching at abruptly closed its doors so I have been given the gift of freetime to enjoy the glorious summer for the first time in a couple of years! I've also been of course looking for work and trying to stay postive and productive.

In a nutshell that kind of tells you where I'm at. Personally I've been lately relishing and revelling in the joy of my own space. I love my apartment which is pretty quiet and has stayed very cool so far! I love getting sufficient sleep (which I hadn't for several months there). Watch some of those movies that have been sitting there in the cabinet. I am able to fall into all these great books without interruption. And hopefully now, that I've begun, write again! Welcome Back!


sassiekiwi said...

*gasp!* You mean you had a life?! Welcome back Dan! I have missed you ...

Jolie said...

It's good to have you back!

Lance Noe said...

welcome back INDEED!